Hand in Reading Journals for Chapter Two:

Prepare to hand in your reading journal. Have you included the following?

1) Outline:

• Chapter Title

• Essential Question (chapter theme)

• Section titles & Section subheadings

• Important maps, graphs & pictures

• Chapter Summary

• Further Readings

2) What I have learned for each section 2.1-2.6

3) My map activity for pages 29, 39

Study for open book test on Tuesday (tomorrow):

Your knowledge of European exploration and settlement will be tested. It will be open book, focusing on sections 2.2-2.3 (Spain), 2.4 (France) & 2.5 (England). You will have FOUR questions to answer using the information from the sections you’ve selected. Your answers must be written in the point-of-view of a European Explorer.

Let’s prepare for the test!!!

Select either Spain, France or England as a topic of interest.

Turn to those sections and identify the following information:

• Territories explored

• How they were explored

• How colonies were established

• Life of settlers

• Relationship with native Indians


Examine 3.3 map on p. 54-55: Identify the highest/lowest elevation for each region, including the region’s natural resources. Due at the end of class. If not finished, it is homework.


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