Close-read “Who Was the Real Columbus?”. As you do, please identify and describe each of the following points-of-view using complete sentences that are in your own words:

Spanish and Indian encounters

Taino Indian:


Las Casa’s:

The actions of Columbus

Washington Irving: (example)

“He considered Columbus as a hero who was ambitious, lofty and noble. Even if Columbus’s action harmed Indians, Irving considered these actions as merely errors of the times.”

Samuel Eliot Morison:

Howard Zinn:


Select a GEOTERM assigned to you.

1. Find the definition of the word, but explain its meaning in your own words. Do NOT copy the definition from the book or dictionary.

2. Draw a word diagram with pictures or words other graphic that shows how the word relates to something you already know.

3. Write a sentence that explains how the word relates to settlement patterns and ways of life.

4. Repeat for the other three GEOTERMS.

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