Quietly read section 2.1.

Identify why the first European explorers turned their attentions east towards Asia. In which direction did most of these first explorers go? Close-read for keywords Marco Polo, China, trade routes. Use them to help you explain your answers. Write what you learned in your reading journal for 2.1.


With a partner, study the population density map of China on p. 35 for the following information:

1) Locate the compass rose and the scale. Measure the size of China from east to west and north to south.

2) Use the map legend to find the following:

a. How many cities have over 8 million people, between 4-8 million and between 1-4 million people? Inside what population density are most of these cities?

b. Locate where China’s population density is the highest. By what physical feature (section 2.3) does this population density reside?

3) By yourself, use the information from steps 1 & 2 to write a description of China using complete sentences. Give your description a title. (You can use the same title as the map.) Your description must provide details on the following:

a. the general size and shape of China.

b. the number of cities over 8 million, between 4-8 million and between 1-4 and what population density most cities are in.

c. the physical feature that resides closest or inside the highest population density.


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