US HISTORY: (Homework. Due tomorrow)

In 1492, Columbus’s world collided with the world of the Taino Indians. What was Columbus thinking when he came face to face with the Taino? What might have the Taino Indians thought of Columbus? Determine the point of view of Columbus and the Taino Indians by answering the following questions for both. Write the answers as paragraphs in the FIRST PERSON point of view for EACH Columbus and the Taino Indian. Do NOT include the questions in your paragraphs.


• Where are you from?

• Why are you carrying swords?

• Why have you brought priests?

• Where do you think you have landed?

• What do you expect to find?

• What do you think of the people you have found here?

Taino Indian

• Who are you?

• What do you find most unusual about these people?

• Why do you think these men are here?

• Will you treat these people as friends or enemies?


Student Talk:

What is population density? What does it measure? How can population density affect how people live?

Quietly think about possible answers (30 sec).

Discuss possible answers with your group (90 sec).

Close-read 2.6:

On a sheet of paper, identify the definition for population density. What does it measure? Explain how a population’s density affect how people live by using one example. (10 min)

Take notes on Bill Nye episode about populations. How do populations compete for resources? Why is it hard for some species to compete with others?




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