Presentation today.

New vocabulary assignment for chapter 2 assigned.

1. Choose one of the six assigned KEY CONCEPT words.

2. Find the definition of the word, but summarize its meaning in your own words. Do NOT copy the definition from the textbook.

3. Draw a diagram, word map, or other graphic organizer that shows how the word relates to something you already know.

4. Write a sentence that explains how that word relates to chapter two’s theme.

5. Repeat for the remaining 5 vocabulary words.


Student Talk:

What is a climate zone? How does location affect climate?

Quietly think about possible answers (30 sec).

Discuss possible answers with your group (90 sec).

Quietly read section 2.4. On a separate paper, identify the definition for climate zone. How does location affect climate? Please provide one example as your evidence. (10 min.)

Complete the handout.



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