We reviewed the notes taken the previous day and assessed what we knew about Europe and America prior to Columbus’s arrival in 1492. Then we resumed watching the documentary and note taking.


We worked on close-reading strategies by doing the following activity:

Close-read section 2.1 for any information that will answer the following question: “How did John Snow use a map to discover how the disease cholera was spread?”

How do we do this?

To answer this, ask yourself: What clues or key words should I look for to help me find the answer?

disease, cholera, Snow, map, spread

• Which paragraphs do we find these words?

• Which sentences explain the spread of the disease?

• Which sentences show John Snow using a map?

Work together with a partner or as a group to answer this question. Explain your answer as a storyboard.




Today we began watching a documentary called “America Before Columbus”

For the students, the assignment is as follows:

The following documentary reveals the Americas before the arrival of Columbus and describes what Europe was like prior to Columbus’s departure for the new world, including the impact the Europeans had on the Americas after these explorers arrived.

You are to each take notes on the following information:

1. What were the Americas like prior to Columbus and other European explorers?

2. What was Europe like prior to the discovery of the Americas?

3. What affects did the arrival of Europeans have on the Americas?

Your group will present this information to the class in which you will DESCRIBE America and Europe prior to the European exploration, including the impact these explorers had on the Americas.


We broke out our reading journals and outlined our new chapter: Chapter 2: A Spatial Way of Thinking and we assessed what we knew or didn’t know about the material.