US History:

Students turned in reading Journals. These are 10% of their final grade.

Following this students began their first writing assignment:

Now that you have reviewed Chapter 1 using your reading journal (and completed all the Chapter 1 activities and assignments), please answer Chapter 1’s essential question. Select either the Plateau, Great Plains or California region. Next, write a paragraph that briefly describes the land and climate, and explains using THREE examples how they adapted their lifestyle to the environment (land & climate) of the region.

Their homework assignment was do research and gather the information they need to write the first draft. (We will write the first draft in class tomorrow.) They will need to 1) select one of the three regions, 2) determine the land and climate of that region, 3) Identify three examples (housing, clothing & tools) of how their lifestyle adapts to their environment (land & climate).


We reviewed the writing assignment from Thursday. Next, we discussed what information should be included in their first drafts. Students then evaluated their first drafts and made corrections.

Their homework assignment is to do a FINAL DRAFT on a separate sheet of paper. It is due tomorrow.


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