We reviewed the previous assignments, all dealing with investigative questions and the research paper outline. We turned in those assignments and we discussed reading journals and how to self-assess them. The reading journals are due Monday. (Remember, they are 10% of the final quarter grade.)

Use your chapter one reading journal and review all the question marks you had placed inside prior to reading chapter one. What do you NOW know about chapter one?

For example: If you placed a ‘?’ beside 1.5 (American Indian of the Pacific NW coast), you might pencil in “I now know that these people relied on fish and other seafood as a primary food source.”


We devoted class time to starting our first official writing assignment. Students wrote down the assignment question.

On March 21 both northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight. But on June 21, the northern hemisphere receives the greatest amount of sunlight, while the southern hemisphere receives the smallest amount of sunlight.

In a paragraph, with clear and complete sentences, please explain how these two things are possible. (How do we do this?)

In groups, they discussed what they question was asking for. We then discussed what we should do to write a first draft. We wrote down the collaborative writing process on the board and followed it.

1. Study the question. (What is asked? What do we need to explain?)

2. Brainstorm ideas. (What information do I need to cover to answer the question? Can I visualize it as a picture?)

3. Put the ideas in order. (What do I discuss first? Second?)

4. Write out the ideas into complete sentences to make a paragraph. (Due Monday)


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