Turn to 1.1. Examine the picture on p. 4. How did the Anasazi adapt to their environment? (Discuss this with your group.)

Read 1.1.  What is inferred when we say that American Indians are resourceful? How are scientists like detectives? (Discuss these answers with your group.)

Before beginning section 1.2-1.4 reading handout, examine the maps on p. 8-9. What connections are you seeing between the American Indians and the environment? (Discuss a few possible answers with your group)

Begin the section 1.2-1.4 reading handout. Read each section before doing the assigned questions for that section. Write answers in complete sentences or you will lose points. 

(This assignment will be completed on Friday.)


We completed the map activity for section 1.3 and we answered the quickwrite:

“Explain in a paragraph how the compass rose, the map grid and the legend helped you complete the map station activity.”

Discuss possible answers with your group. Then begin writing.

Use complete sentences. Reread what you write and make corrections before handing it in.

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