We continued our map activity and accompanying questions, the purpose of which was to help students understand land claims made by France, Britain and Spain in North America, c. 1750, and which land features were prominent in these claims.

The purpose of the questions is to help students understand the affect of the land’s physical features on the colonists and native American Indians. We will discuss these questions on Friday.  Those not finished with the questions today are to take them home as HOMEWORK.


We did an activity in pairs, one person playing a map maker and the other playing the role of a geologist. The map maker was to map the classroom where three “gold ingots” were on the ground. The map was to help the geologists find the gold after a “snow storm” covered up the gold. The geologists then used the maps to find the gold, which proved to difficult after I covered the ground with patches of “snow” and moved desks around to add confusion to the terrain.

When we finished and discuss our efforts, the students wrote a quickwrite paragraph and turned it in.

Cartographers (map makers): Describe what references in the classroom (desks, doors, tables, windows) you used to make your map. What else did you put on the map to help your partner find the gold? (Arrows? Xs?)

Geologists: What was it like to use your partners map? What challenges hindered you? What could they have done to make things easier for you?



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